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REIKI is the universal life force energy that permeates all beings and is present in all of nature. It offers a safe, painless, non-invasive energy healing system. Reiki supports the body’s own healing abilities by strengthening and balancing the flow of energy throughout the different body systems. Reiki can heal at all levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Reiki always works to the highest good for the animal, therefore no harm can result from any Reiki treatment. It goes directly to the source of the problem most in need of healing, which is sometimes unknown, even to the practitioner.

It is especially effective for emotional pain and distress by assisting animals to let go of past negative experiences and memories. This can ease the transition of newly adopted rescue or shelter animals into their new homes.

It can also be very useful in preparing animals preoperatively for surgery and with postoperative healing.

hand holding paw

Animals that prefer not to be touched can still experience the positive healing energy of Reiki, as Reiki treatments can be given (and are just as effective) without touch.


Reiki also offers supports to the entire family, human and animal alike, when the loss of a beloved pet is imminent. When Reiki is given at or near the time of passing, it can bring emotional and spiritual healing to all involved, as well as acceptance and relief from pain and fear for the animal.

chakra chart
chakra location diagram on cat and dog

Reiki Balances the Chakras or Energy Centers of the body.The chart explains energetic correlations to organ sysems and anatomical structures.

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