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Flint Hill offers holistic therapies and bodywork for your horses, alpacas/llamas, dogs, cats, and other 4 legged livestock in Rabun County in Clayton, GA and surrounding areas.  We are certified and insured. 

We are also a small hobby farm that raises holistically raised, quality ADGA Registered Nigerian Dwarf, Lamancha, and Experimental goats. We raise goats with a focus on good temperaments, conformation, and milk production in Clayton, Georgia.  


Equine and Large Animal Bodywork



Adriana Halpern has completed her training in Veterinary Orthopedic Manipulation (VOM Spinal Adjustments) and is a Chiro-Practitioner and Herbalist for all animals including horses and livestock. She offers VOM, myofascial release using VetroStim, Essential Oil Therapy, and holistic health solutions for our equine friends from sport horses to pleasure riding horses.  Helping to keep your equine in top performance condition and aiding in rehabilitation, injury, and pain management including nutritional counseling and herbals.  Learn more 

Dog and Small Animal Bodywork

For dogs we offer private K9 massage sessions, Veterinary Orthopedic Manipulation (VOM Spinal Adjustments), myofascial release using VetroStim, Essential Oil Therapy, and holistic health solutions,  herbal and nutritional counseling, and Reiki therapy by appointment at Flint Hill Farms in Clayton, GA . We specialize in canine athletes, senior dogs, mobility issues, injury recovery, and natural pain management with outstanding results. Learn more here 


About our therapist


Adriana Halpern, is a Certified Veterinary Chiro-Practitioner (CVCP), Certified Canine Therapeutic Massage Therapist (CTMT), , Reiki Master, and Certified in AromaTouch essential oil technique for people which she adapts and uses on dogs and other animals . To find out more about our therapist please click here.


Disclaimer: Flint Hill Farms LLC is not a DVM Veterinary Service or Chiropractic service.  Our services are not intended to replace routine veterinary care.  We will work with your Veterinarian or animal professional. Like Veterinary acupuncture was for years, the AVMA still regards veterinary chiropractic techniques as “experimental” in the US. VOM in and of itself is Not a chiropractic technique, but would be grouped in this fashion.  Clients have been advised to seek treatment regimens such as medicine and surgery from their veterinarian and have been encouraged to seek a second professional opinion, or have already done so. 


Reiki Therapy

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